Tungsten Shot For Hunting

Tungsten Shot For Hunting

Nothing can match our shot, Nor the tungsten shot 18g/cc in the market. The density is highest in the world at the affordable cost. Once you use our shot, you will never use any other shot any longer.

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Product Details

2.0-2.5mm tungsten shot for hunting 

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Product Description
Size: 2.1mm, 2.3mm, 2.5mm...(more sizes on request)
Tolerance: +/-0.05
Density: Not less than 18


Tungsten Shots superior density provides superior pellet penetration.
- Superior penetration allows the use of smaller pellets.
- Smaller pellets allow higher pellet counts per load.
- Higher pellet counts allow for denser and larger patterns.
- Tungsten Shot is the ultimate pellet projectile.

Other Information
Tungsten Shot loads enhance the ability of the shooter to place the load on target in two distinct ways. Tungsten Shot RETAINS ITS VELOCITY better than any other shot media. It gets to the target quicker for any given launch velocity. Tungsten Shot provides its performance at a 50% OR GREATER REDUCTION IN RECOIL to any load of competing shot that would "hope" to match tungsten Shot performance. The reduced level of recoil WILL MAKE YOU A BETTER SHOOTER. No matter how Macho we think we are, the human mind does not appreciate getting hammered in the shoulder and cheek bone. It is instinctive to avoid that situation. Tungsten Shot loads will help you KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN where it needs to be and reduce the tendency to pull off target "jerking the gun down" to avoid the blow. 

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