WT30 Purple Color Thoriated Tungsten Electrode

WT30 Purple Color Thoriated Tungsten Electrode

The comprehensive performance of thoriated tungsten is very good.It is very often been used for D.C.welding of carbon steel stainless steel,nickel alloy and titanium alloy.

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WT30 purple color thoriated tungsten electrode

Thoriated tungsten electrode contains 0.8%-4.2% thorium oxide, its electron work function is 2.7eV. Arc to be easier, electric arc stable. It performs well with overload current, so it's widely used in various TIG and PAW. Thorium oxide has strong current-carrying capacity, high recrystallization temperature, better conductivity, stronger mech anical cutting performance and longer service life. When welding, the tip of thoriated tungsten electrode keeps sharpening so that the ball on the tip of tungsten electrode can be not easy to crack at a greater degree of assurance. 

Application: widely used in welding of  carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloy and titanium metal. it becomes the first selection material for high quality welding.

Model   Oxide addition Contents (%)Tungsten (%)Color standardStandard
WT30 ThO22.8-3.2 BalancePurpleAWS A5.12

ISO 6848

EN 26 848

WT30 tungsten electrode

WT30 thoriated tungsten electrode

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