Tungsten Electrode WC20 2% Cerium (GREY)

Tungsten Electrode WC20 2% Cerium (GREY)

2% ceriated tungsten contains a nominal 2% of cerium oxide (CeO2). Ceriated is different from thoriated as it is not a radioactive material. Ceriated tungsten also tends to last longer than thoriated and can be used proficiently with AC or DC.

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Tungsten Electrode  WC20 2% Cerium (GREY)

Ceriated Tungsten is a non-radioactive material.

It is very widely to be used for the welding of orbital tube, pipe, very small parts, short welding cycles and also where a specific number of welds are called and then the electrode is to be replaced.

It is known to be especially good for DC welding with low amperage because it starts very easily at low amps and usually requires about 10% less amps to operate than thoriated material. 

TypeIntermingled materials



Other Intermingled


TungstenColor standard

wc20 tungsten electrode

ceriated tungsten electrode


1. Diameter: 2.0mm (0.08") 

2. Length:150mm (6") 

3. Provides stable arc 

4. More sizes available 

5. Professional manufacturer 

Performance :

Performs well in DC welding and arc starting at low current settings, and offers excellent performance in AC processes.  

Materials Welded:

Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel

Nickel Alloy



If you have special size requirement, pls contact us, we can according to your drawing or requirement to produce.

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