Pure Tungsten Electrode Price

Pure Tungsten Electrode Price

WP Pure tungsten electrode (EWP) are basically unalloyed; it contain a minimum of 99.5% tungsten and has a very high work function.

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We have generally all types of tungsten electrodes for TIG welding, such as ce - w electrode , law electrode , th - w electrode , zr - w electrode , yt - w electrode , pure tungsten electrode , w-rex electrodes, the working performance is good and price is competitive, we accept sample before cooperation.


1.Type:Thoriated tungsten electrode (WT10,WT20,WT30,WT40), Ceriated tungsten electrode(WC15,WC20),lanthanated tungsten electrode(WL10,WL15,WL20), zirconiated tungsten electrode(WZr3,WZr8),pure  tungsten electrodes(WP),Yittriated tungsten electrode(WY20)Multi-compound Tungsten Electrode.

2. Colour: WP(green),WC15,WC20(Gery), WZr3(Brown),WZr8(White), WL10(Black), WL15(Gold), WL20(Sky-Blue),WY20(Blue).

3. Diameter: 0.5- 10.0mm

4.Length: 50.00mm,  75.00mm,  150.00mm,  175.00mm

5.Package:10pcs One Box

6. Quality  of surface: polish annealed, or ground annealed

7. Applications: TIG  welding and plasma  welding, cutting,  spray-coating and  smelting

wp electrode

pure tungsten electrode

Our stock:

stock tungsten electrode

If you have special size requirement, pls contact us, we can according to your drawing or requirement to produce.

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