Pinewood Derby Car Tungsten Weights

Pinewood Derby Car Tungsten Weights

tungsten Cubes can be easily used for pinewood derby car weighting by drilling a series of 1/4 inch deep holes in the bottom of the car and then using a chisel or sharp knife to clean out the pocket.

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Product Details

Pinewood derby car tungsten weights  is a weight that is used to increase the weight of the body to keep the balance. The weight tungsten has a high density and can complete the weight ratio in a small space. The weight tungsten is widely used, which can be used in golf head weight, tennis weight, sailing weight, submarines weight and weapon counterweight. The weight tungsten generally uses the sintering process to produce different shapes of products.

1. Classification

The pinewood derby car tungsten weights is divided into general weight tungsten and special weight tungsten according to the application. 

The general weight and volume of the general weight tungsten can be used as a balance weight block on a large ship. The ordinary weight tungsten is not very high on the surface and precision, but can be finished by rough machining.

The medium aluminum and small size of the special weight tungsten are more complex. Most of them are used in parts such as golf head accessories and tennis accessories. The required precision is also high. 

2. Production Process

General tungsten counterweight: mixture - mixture - granulating - molding - prefiring - degreasing - sintering

Special tungsten counterweight: batching - mixture - granulating - molding - prefiring - degreasing - sintering - surface processing

3. Products Show

We offer variety kinds of tungsten alloy weight, please feel free to send us your drawing and requests to get more products details.

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