Tungsten Counterweight

Tungsten Counterweight

Balance weights or Counterweights for yachts, sailboats, submarines etc.

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Balance weights or Counterweights for yachts, sailboats, submarines etc. 

  The Tungsten counterweight has the same mass as the standard counterweights for the RB303, RB300, RB301, RB600 and the RB700, but it will actually yield improved sound performance due the higher density of the tungsten. The higher density makes for a smaller diameter weight, that places the mass closer the centerline of the arm tube improving tracking and balance. There is an additional side benefit of the smaller diameter, if you choose a non-Rega cartridge that requires spacers (spacers will lift the arm and the stock counterweight may contact the inside of the dust cover), the smaller diameter of the tungsten weight will provide the extra clearance needed inside the dust cover.

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1.. Advantages of tungsten alloy:            

- High density up to 18.5 g/cm³.
- up to 65% denser than Lead.
- up to 130% denser than Steel.
- Mechanical properties to suit either dynamic or static locations.
- Weakly ferro magnetic.
- Non-magnetic, if specifically required.
- Alternative to Lead.
- Non-Toxic.
- Corrosion resistant.
- Easily machined.
- Easily mechanically joined, brazed or shrunk fit to other materials.
- Equivalents to most commercial specifications available.

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2. Counterweights made from tungsten alloy

Goode Carbide have abundant experience in supply of tungsten heavy alloy counterweights to different overseas yachts' manufacturers, up to the most specific designs requirement.

Brick-shape counterweights are the typical one we have ever been supplying in bulk quantities. By their own, our client designs and machines the bricks into the integrated counterweight parts with tungsten alloy pins' connecting function. 

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   Tungsten Counterweights   Tungsten balance weight
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    Counterweight parts   Counterweights for yachts  Tungsten counterweight parts

If you have any interest in tungsten counterweight,  please feel free to email us: 

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