pure titanium tube

pure titanium tube

1.Baoji Hanz Material Technology CO.,LTD offers highly cost effective titanium tube,our company is a successful manufacturer and supplier,we devoted ourselves to minerals metallurgy many years,

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titanium tube/titanium capillary tube/ASTM B338 GR2 titanium tube/seamless titanium tube/titanium exhaust pipe/Titanium tube for bicycle frame


Standard: ASTM F136,ASTM F67 ,ASTM B863

Material: Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr4, Gr5, Gr7, Gr9, Gr12, Gr23

Diameter: 0.5--60mm

Surface:acid pickling surface, polished surface, black surface

Technology:hot forged , hot rolled , machining



  1.Low Density.

  2.Excellent Corrosion Resistance in acid and alkali salt.

  3.High heat transfer capability.

  4.Good biocompatibility.

  5. Low elasticity module.

  6. Low thermal expansion coefficient.

  7.Superior strength-to-density ratios.

  8.Good strength at low and high temperature.



1.Bicycle and automobile exhaust tubing ,cooling pipe.

2.Electroplating equipment,precision instruments , ring,environmental protection equipment.

3.Thermal power engineering:condenser, heat exchanger, engine vane.

4.Vessels:Running pipes, submersible,gas cylinder.

5.Oceaneering: evaporator, heat transmitter, exchanger,oil production platform, oil cooler.

6.Chemical engineering:Flat plate heat exchanger, flat plate condenser, cooler tower,chloride barrels.

7. Aerospace:Engine, fan plate, gas compressor vane, rack, hatch cover, empennage.

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