pure titanium bar

pure titanium bar

1.Titanium bar is most widely used in the commercially pure titanium pressure,vessel some fittings parts and fastening pieces and medical appliance.

2.Titanium bar is also used as titanium fasteners , such as titanium bolts nuts.

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titanium bar/grade2 titanium rods/grade5 titanium rods/ASTM f136 titanium rods/ti6al4v titanium rods/pure titanium bars/Medical titanium rods


Standard:ASTM F136,ASTM F67 ,ASTM B348, ASTM B381, AMS 4928

Material: Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr4, Gr5, Gr7, Gr9, Gr12, Gr23,

Diameter: 2.0-200mm

Length: <6000mm

Shape: 1. Round bar   2. Square bar  3. Hexagonal bar

Surface: acid pickling surface, polished surface, black surface

technology: hot forged , hot rolled , machining



   1.Low Density

  2.Excellent Corrosion Resistance in acid,alkali and salt

  3. High heat transfer capability

  4. Good biocompatibility

  5. Low elasticity module

  6. Low thermal expansion coefficient

  7.Superior strength-to-density ratio

  8. Good mechanical properties at low and high temperature



1. Axis machining             

2. the frame of the planes

3. the equipments used in the seawater

4. titanium flanges and titanium screws

5. badminton racket ,cars

6. electroplating equipment

7. conductive material       

8. medical industry

9. nuclear industry            

10. construction industry ,etc

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