pure tantalum tube

pure tantalum tube

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Product Details

Tantalum tube-ASTM B521-98 high pure tantalum alloy tubes/pipes/tubing

Material: pure tantalum and tantalum alloy

Grade:Ta1,Ta2,R05200,R05252,R05255,R05400,Ta2.5W ,Ta7.5W,Ta10W

Standard: As per ASTM B521-98

size: O.D 1.0mm x 0.2mm(0.2mm-5.0mm)--- 60mm

1. high strength                

2.resistance to high temperature

3. strong corrosion resistance    

4.good ductility


1. the field of industrial furnace

2. chemical industry, aerospace and Marine 4

3. the healthcare industry

Product show:

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