SMA Medical Nitinol Bar

SMA Medical Nitinol Bar

TiNi shape memory alloys(SMA) is a functional material.Except the high lightweight, attrition resistant, erosion resistant, good biologic compatible, and non-magnetic, it has shape-memo function and good flexibility.

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Product Details

SMA nitinol rod :

1,Medical nitinol rod

2,Trade Mark:NiTi-01,NiTi-02,NiTi-ss

3,Standard:Q/XB 1516.2-2012,ASTM F2063


5,Can be customized

6,application:medical equipment,eyeglass frame,cellular phone etc. 

7,Max. residual elongation after 6% strain in Austenite < 0.1%  

8,Surface condition:polished

Brief description:

1.Name: titanium-nickel alloy bars and wires, plate

2.Material: mainly Nickel and titanium;

Shape Memory Nitinol wire:  TiNi-01   TiNi-02

Super elastic Nitinol wire:    TiNi-SS

Medical Nitinol alloy:         TiNi-SS TiNi-YY

Narrow Hysteresis Nitinol Alloy: TiNiCu alloy

Wide Hysteresis Nitinol Alloy:  TiNiNb   TiNiFe

3.Standard: ASTM F2063-05  Q/XB1516  Customer specified or Industry Standard

4.Size:Bar: Dia6.0mm--20mm


Sheet:Thickness 0.3-50.0mm  Width≤350mm  Length≤2500mm


There are four commonly used types of applications for nitinol.

Free Recovery: nitinol is deformed at a low temperature, and heated to recover its original shape.

Constrained Recovery: The same, except that recovery is rigidly prevented, and thus a stress is generated.

Work Production: Here the alloy is allowed to recover, but to do so it must act against a force (thus doing work).

Superelasticity: As discussed above, here the nitinol acts as a super spring.

medical nitinol bar

If you have special size requirement, pls contact us, we can according to your drawing or requirement to produce.

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