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Stranded Tungsten Wire with Heating Elements, OEM Orders are Welcome
- Oct 16, 2016 -
  • Types: W1 W2  WRe WT

  • High melting point and corrosion-resistant

  • Applications:

    • Tungsten wire is universally used to make tungsten wire resistance for bulb, lamps. Besides, it can be used in making optical instrument, electric vacuum components, high temperature resistant parts.

  • OEM orders are welcome

  • Properties of tungsten wire:

Tungsten wire is characterized by highest melting point, excellent electric conductivity. 

It has high performance in sintering and high temperature in recrystallization. 

For the above features, it can serve a long life in any applications.


WRe wire can be used in electron tube, cathode ray tube filament, electron gun filament, thermocouple, electron tube parts.

WT wire can be applied in magnetic coil, HID electrode, tungsten wire used in microwave oven.

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