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New Brochure Promotes Molybdenum And Sustainability
- Apr 13, 2017 -

21 August 2015, The International Molybdenum Association (IMOA) has published a new brochure exploring the contributions that molybdenum makes to sustainable development. ‘A Sustainable World with Molybdenum’ showcases examples of how molybdenum’s properties are being harnessed to generate a wide range of sustainable benefits in many sectors.

The 28-page brochure contains chapters covering molybdenum’s contribution in energy efficiency, low carbon generation, environmental protection and resource conservation. The final chapter demonstrates the rare earth metal’s positive impacts on quality of life with a range of applications from medical imaging to desalination plants.

Examples are illustrated with case studies in brief and in depth, including summaries of three life cycle Assessment (LCA) studies, which quantify the positive environmental impacts of molybdenum use in automotive light weighting, construction and fuel desulfurization.

Sustainable development is about using the earth’s resources to meet our needs in such a way that the environment is preserved for future generations,’ said Tim Outteridge, IMOA Secretary-General. ‘Molybdenum plays a part in achieving this goal in a surprising number of applications spanning many different sectors.


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