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High quality Tantalum Sputtering Target
- Sep 14, 2016 -

Product details

Model NO.:RO5200Application:Aviation, Electronics, Industrial, Chemical
Standard:GB, ASTMPurity:>99.95%
Trademark:Baoji HanzSpecification:ASTM
Origin:Baoji, Shaanxi, ChinaHS Code:8103

    Tantalum sputtering targets\Tantalum- tungsten Alloy targets
Material: RO5200, RO5252(Ta-2.5W), RO5255(Ta-10W)

  • Electronic Instrument Industry       Steel industry          Chemical industry                       

  • Atomic energy industry                Aerospace aviation    Cemented carbide

  • Medical treatment

Circular targets: Diameter 25-400mm X Thickness 3- 28mm
Rectangular targets:
Thickness 1-12.7mm X Width up to 600mm X L 1000mm
> =99.95% & 99.99%

Mechanical property:

                                        Grade                    Tensile strength min,      Yield strength min,           Elongation min, %
                                         (UNS)                       psi (MPa)                     psi(MPa)(2%)              (1 inch gage length)
                               Pure Ta
                               (RO5200, RO5400)           30000 (207)                 20000 (138)                               20
                                Ta-10W (RO5255)           70000 (482)                  60000 (414)                              15
                                Ta-2.5W (RO5252)           40000 (276)                 30000 (207)                              20
                                Ta-40Nb (RO5240)           35000 (241)                 20000 (138)                              25

Baoji Hanz Material Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in  Tantalum (Ta) and its alloy(Ta-2.5W RO5252, Ta-10W RO5255) plate, sheet, foil, strip, target, tape, rod, bar, wire, tube and pipe according to ASTM specifications. The materials are available as RO5200, RO5252, RO5255. Special requirements to be agreed upon by the supplier and buyer. 

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