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High Quality Nitinol Memory Wire
- Sep 12, 2016 -
Product Description: Nitinol Memory Wire

      Baoji Hanz Material Technology Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of various specifications of the nickel titanium alloy memory Materials, according to customer requirements and production of various different product drawings. Nickel titanium alloy memory products is a kind of functional materials, besides having than high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, no magnetic, biological compatibility is good wait for a characteristic outside, still have peculiar shape memory performance and super sexual performance. Its widely used in aerospace, communication, medical care, automatic control, instrument, piping, glasses manufacture,daily life,cell phone antenna, children's toys, experimental materials, glasses leg, women bra,Women's Sports Central,arch wires, instruments, and medical equipment, such as surgical stitching wire,birth control loop and other areas of high-quality memory alloy wire.

This company produces the nickel titanium alloy memory silk comprehensive performance has reached the advanced international level, and Board, rods, wire products in domestic medical equipment, glasses manufacture, mobile phone industry such as a higher reputation.

Baoji Hanz Material Technology Co., Ltd located in Baoji,China.With high preciously equipment and rich experience, our company specilizes in manufacturing nitinol alloy products.

Nickel titanium alloy memory silk tensile strength: A annealing state 850 Mpa; B processing state 1900 Mpa;

Nickel titanium alloy memory silk chemical composition: Ni: 55.4%--56.2% more than 0.07 C H than 0.005 O than 0.050 N: More than 0.05

Product features: It has the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, has certain memory function, can be in phase transition temperature, remember shape.

Product classification: Temperature memory and elastic memory two kinds

Minimum order quantity: 1 kg 

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