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Application Of Tungsten Heavy Alloy
- Nov 05, 2016 -

Application of Tungsten Heavy Alloy

There are many kinds of tungsten heavy alloy products,with different production techniques  there are various shapes could be made.

Such as tungsten heavy alloy rod, tungsetn cube,cylinder, tungsten heavy alloy bar, tungsten heavy alloy block, tungsten heavy alloy brick, tungsten heavy alloy plate, tip, strip, tungsten heavy alloy sheet, ultra thin sheet, tungsten heavy alloy sphere, pellet, ball, tungsten heavy alloy disc, ring, tungsten heavy alloy tube, etc. 

They could be used in different fields depend on their special properties, such as small capacity but high density, high yield strength, good hardness, excellent elongation, etc. 

When it comes to different functions,tungsten heavy alloy could be widely used for different industries and countries in various fields.

Such as following :

the sports, including golf, fishing, darts, yacht, racing car; 

the medical, including radiation shielding, source holder, collimator, isotope container, nuclear syringe; 

the scientific, including tungsten heat sinks, oil drill, mine exploitation. 

Due to increasing abundant demand of Depleted Uranium, tungsten alloy is also widely used as a substitution in some parts of military products nowadays. 

As its high density similar to real gold, tungsten alloy material is very famous as gold-plated substitution. It could be made as gold-plated tungsten bar, golden;tungsten brick,gold-plated tungsten bar, golden tungsten paperweight, gold-plated tungsten coin. 

For its high melting point, tungsten alloys are usually used for many high temperature working environments,such as rocket ignitron, turbine, etc. For its environment-friendly, tungsten alloy material is widely made as tungsten heavy alloy fishing sinker, jig, weights, it is much better  than lead in small capacity but high density. Depending on special properties, tungsten heavy alloy is very popular in our life now

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