pure molybdenum wire

pure molybdenum wire

The special attributes of this Molybdenum Wire are its high strength and melting point, long functional life,unique electrical conductivity level,outstanding thermal resistance capacity and corrosion proof design,Widely used in electrical, semiconductor and plastic industries.

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Supply hight quality 0.18mm 0.25mm Molybdenum wire


Molybdenum wire is mainly refers to the wire cutting in the condition of high voltage electric field made from molybdenum and other precious metals. It used in wire cutting machine tool. Models of the molybdenum wire made by China are Mo1, Moδ, Mo2, Mo3, Mo3δ, of which Mo1 and Mo 2 are pure molybdenum wire, and Mo3 is molybdenum alloy wire with Ca, Mg.


For wire cutting machine

For producing electric light source parts and electric vaccum components

For producing heating elements and refractory parts in high temperature furnaces

For spraying wear and tear parts of automobile and other machine to enhance their wearability

La2O3 or Y2O3 doped Refractory Mo-wire are available

Appearance:  Mo-wire is regular black covered with graphite. After graphite is removed it is metallic luster.

Chemical Composition:

Mo Content

Total Content of Other Elements

Each Element Content





The standard diameter and tolerance of Mo-wire:



Weight(mg/200mm) tolerance(%)

Diameter tolerance(%)

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 1

Grade 2























Product show:

molybdenum wire.jpg

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