0.18mm Edm Molybdenum Cutting Wire

0.18mm Edm Molybdenum Cutting Wire

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Product Details

Products Description:

  • High-strength molybdenum wire: It has high tensile strength, good wear resistance and long service life.

  • Cold-drawn molybdenum wire: By using cold-drawn production technology, it has high strength, smooth face and good quality.

  • Specified length of molybdenum wire: Except for the characteristic of high strength, it also has the features of fixed length, convenience and high utilization rate.

  • Special wire-cutting molybdenum wire: Due to the addition of elements, it has higher tensile strength, better wear resistance and longer service

Specifications of molybdenum wire:

Molybdenum Wire TypesDiameter (inch)Tolerance (%)
Molybdenum Wire for EDM0.0024" ~ 0.01"±3% wt
Molybdenum Spray Wire1/16" ~ 1/8"±1% to 3% wt
Molybdenum Wire0.002" ~ 0.08"±3% wt
Molybdenum Wire(clean)0.006" ~ 0.04"±3% wt

Application of 0.18mm molybdenum wire:

• Electric light source, Electrode

• Heating elements, High-temperature components

• Wire-electrode cutting

• Spraying for auto parts

Product show:

molybdenum wire price.jpgmolybdenum wire cutting.jpg
mo wire.jpgcutting molybdenum wire.jpg
molybdenum cutting wire.jpg
mo cutting wire.jpg

Molybdenum wire packing:

molybdenum cutting wire 0.18mm.jpg

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