Slotted Pan Head Molybdenum Bolt

Slotted Pan Head Molybdenum Bolt

Molybdenum screws can withstand high temperatures and vacuum thermal evaporation. Baoji Hanz supplies these screws using both the ANSI and metric sizes of fillister, pan, and flat heads. We generally produce standard length screws but are able to customize lengths based on customer needs.

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Molybdenum Bolts When extreme high temperature stability & strength are required

· Maintains strength at elevated temperatures

· Low distortion at high temperature

· Molybdenum must be used in vacuum or inert gas at high temperatures

Molybdenum bolts possesses a very high melting point of 2620°C, a low coefficient of thermal expansion and a high level of thermal conductivity. Because molybdenum bolts have the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures without changing shape, expanding or softening significantly, they are ideal for high strength / high temperature applications that are shielded from oxygen. Exposing molybdenum fastener to oxygen above 600°C will cause them to readily oxidize.

As a result, molybdenum bolts find their way into high temperature vacuum furnaces, glass production, military and space applications where oxygen is not present.

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