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Tungsten Alloy for Tennis Racket Balance Weights
- Sep 21, 2018 -

Tungsten Alloy for Tennis Racket Balance Weights

In order to achieve the perfect swing racket needs to be properly balanced, so it would enhance player’s strengths and slightly correct mistakes. China Tungsten can provide tungsten alloy for tennis racket balance weights to improve player’s performance. Tungsten alloy is a perfect material for this purpose, because tungsten alloy allows balancing without changing racket’s geometry. Snap-on weights can be easily attached or removed so you will be able to try different configurations in search of your perfect swing.

All players have different swings and control of the racket although the swing fundamentals are the same. The intent is to make as square an impact with the ball as possible with the ball landing as close as possible to the center of the tennis racket head known as the "sweet spot". But, size, weight, height, strength and other physical factors cause different players to alter the fundamental swing slightly causing "miss-hits" which in turn cause errors in the flight of the ball. A miss-hit, such as contacting the ball near the frame of the racket, will cause the ball to go in the direction different from where it is intended when the player swings.

The above problems can be caused by any minor defect in the players’ swing. Thus, even though the players swing appears to be fundamentally sound, even a slightly off swing can cause a miss-hit.

It has been found that a player who has a swing that is close to fundamentally sound can improve their swing by slightly changing the balance of the racket head. Increased weight on certain areas of the racket head can optimize the force at which the player can hit the ball. Thus, even the best players can benefit from variations or increases of the tennis racket balance weights.

Tungsten Alloy for Tennis Racket Balance Weights

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