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TSS 2mm tungsten super shot
- Sep 08, 2018 -


1.tungsten shot 

TSS tungsten shot is used for weight or tungsten alloy products. It's the smallest high density ball in the field of tungsten alloy, which means that it can be applied in many fields, such as small and high density areas, such as golf club, fishing weights, balance.

2. Feature:

• High density, high melting point

• Small volume hardness, resist high temperature

• Excellent abrasive, high ultimate tensile strength, good ductility, low vapor pressure, good thermo stability

• Easy to machine, anti-corrosion, better resistance to shock, sky-high absorbing ability of radiation

• Excellent anti-stricking ability and anti-fracturing ability

2.0 2.25 tungsten shot.jpg

3. Application:

Tungsten alloy ball has the advantages of small size, can be applied to the missile projectile, projectile, prefabricated pieces, missile weapons, balance force logging; there are some precision instruments, such as mobile phone vibrator, clock weights, watches the counterweight, mobile phone vibrator. Flywheel weight, tungsten ball. Tungsten and tungsten lamps are widely used in weight and plant weight, and in the military.

4. Packing:

• Before packing, the TSS tungsten shot will be checked strictly. 

• Order below 20kg, the TSS tungsten shot will be packed in standard carton box with protective foam inside.

• Order over 20kg, the TSS tungsten shot will be packed in the bucket.

2.25mm tungsten shot.jpg

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