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Titanium Hex Nut M8 M10 M12
- Sep 14, 2018 -

Material: Gr1,Gr2,Gr5

Produce Standard: DIN912, DIN933, DIN84, DIN85, DIN963, DIN7991, DIN6912, DIN931, ISO7380

Material Test Report: Chemical Composion And Physical Properties

Products Types Head Type: Round,Pan,Hex,Flat,Button,Truss,Oval,Binding,Chese,Fillister,etc.Drive

Type: Slotted,Hex,Allen,Torx,Spline Drive,etc

Size: From M2 to M30 or bigger.

Inspection: For precision measuring we would recommendthe use of Digital Vernier Callipers and a Thread Gauge to measure thread pitch.

Manufacture Process: Heading/Washer assembly/Threading/Secondary machine/Heat treatment/Plating/Anti-slipping/Baking/QA/Package/Shipping

Machining equipment: heading machine,threading machine,CNC milling&turning machine,general milling&turning machine, grinding machine.


SEA hex socket titanium nylock nut.jpg

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