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Star product - Tungsten wire
- Jun 30, 2017 -


Product Surface finish is supplied in the black, as drawn condition, where drawing lubricants and oxides are retained on the surface, or in the cleaned condition by firing in hydrogen or electrochemical etching.

Tungsten wire Spooling
Tungsten wire is spooled on clean, defect free spools. For very large diameters, tungsten wire is self coiled. Spools are level filled without piling near flanges. The outer end of the wire is properly marked and attached securely to the spool or self coil.







Nonsag tungsten wires


Used in making single coiled filaments, filaments in fluorescent lamps and other components.


Used in making coiled coil and filaments in High powder incandescent bulb, stage decoration lamp, heating filaments, halogen lamp, special lamps etc.


Used in making special lamps,exposition lamp of copy machine and lamps used in automobiles.


Nonsag tungsten wires


Used in making filaments in incandescent bulb, fluorescent lamp,heating filaments,spring filaments,grid electrode, gas-discharge lamp, electrode and other electrode tubes parts.


1.Tungsten Wires

Diameter (µm)

Wire Weight per 200mm in length   (mg)

Wire Weight per 200mm in length   for tolerance (%)

15 d 18

> 0.3~0.98

Class A

Class B



18 < d 40




40 < d 80




80 < d 300




300< d 400




Direction for Use
1. Aquadag layer on the surface of wire should be removed before using the wire is not suitable for contacting with iron, nickel, carbon, when the temperature is higher than 1000 . The wires should be preserved in dry room, in which the relative humidity should not surpass 65%, and keeping away from acid or alkali atmosphere.

2. Cleaned wires should be preserved in dry vessels.

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