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Molybdenum liner
- Aug 04, 2018 -

Product describe:

The upper opening is large, the bottom opening is small - usually it is trumpet type. The specification commonly have 2.40, 2.62, 2.84 inch, etc. with fine-finished, bright and clean surface, it fits graphite liner closely. It weigh 5-10 KG usually per piece.

Application: Monocrystalline silicon crystal growth furnace

Our Molybdenum liner can provide you the following benefits:

● Customized / Tailor-made production

● High value for competitive price

● Reduce production time & saving production costs

● improve the thermal environment inside the furnace

● Better service (superior packing, transportation,...)

Package and Inspection:

Every Molybdenum crucible is under strict nondestructive test and density detection. We offer material composition sheet and examination report of the sintered tungsten crucible. We also pack the crucibles in shock and moisture-proof plywood case independently.

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