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molybdenum heating parts and molybdenum shield
- Aug 04, 2018 -

Product describe:

Most of our Mo parts used in sapphire crystal field and other furnace parts,we can produce a complete set of parts,we can also process according to customer's request,if you are interested in our product ,pls contact with me as soon as possible.



1,mo content: Over than 99.95%. 

2. Density: Over than 9.8g/cm3 

3. Diameter: 10-650 mm 

4. Height: 100-1000 mm


1.high purity 

2.good quality reputation abroad 

3.We directly produce


As the heat-shield parts in the sapphire growth furnace, the most decisive function of upper and bottom cover plate is to prevent and reflect the heat in the furnace. Heat-shield parts with high-density, exact-measurement, smooth-surface, convenient-assembly and reasonable-design has great significance in improving the crystal-pulling.

stock parts .jpg

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