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How to choose tungsten ball?
- Jul 06, 2017 -


There are three types of tungsten balls--pure tungsten ball, tungsten alloy ball and tungsten carbide ball.

Pure tungsten ball
Pure tungsten ball has the highest density among tungsten balls, which is over 19.2g/cm3. Pure tungsten ball also has the highest melting pointing. 
Purity of pure tungsten ball: 99.95%;
Surface: polished;
Application of pure tungsten ball: used as balls in bomb, balance weight ect.

Tungsten Alloy Ball
Tungsten alloy ball is alloy of Ni and Fe, or other metal elements. 
Content: W 85-99%; W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu;
Surface: sintering, forged, ground;
Tungsten alloy ball application: 
Used for radiation protection, fish ball bait and weapon; 
Applied for shot of gun, hunting sphere;

Tungsten Carbide Ball
Tungsten carbide ball is the hardest among tungsten balls. 
Since its properties with high temperature resistance and corrosion wear, tungsten carbide ball has applications in manufacturing industry, metallurgical and ming industry etc.
Applied for precision hydraulic valve, flowmeters, ball mill; 
Used for liner bearing, high load bearing;
Used in navigation systems;
Used for ballizing;

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