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Gold-plated Tungsten Coin
- Jul 14, 2018 -

Gold-plated Tungsten Coin

Gold-plated tungsten coin is manufactured in the form of golden coin, which is only for gift, present, handicraft, and never could be used for any illegal purpose. Gold-plated tungsten alloy coin is first made before golden-plating on it. It is also has the properties of high density and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the value would be remained for even it is just product.

Owing to durable, hardness, oxidization resistance, environmental-friendly and weak radioactive, and the most important advantages is that it is almost has the same weight as real gold, gold-plated tungsten coin has been the most reasonable material for commemorative coins, golden souvenir, birthday present, weeding anniversary present, etc. Even it could be used as a secret surprise for your VIP customer, the best friend, the most favorable teacher, etc. 

Baoji Hanz is a very professional and serious company, specializing in manufacturing and selling gold-plated tungsten coin for more than two decades. Our product is only for souvenir and decoration purpose. Here we declare: Please do not use our gold-plated tungsten alloy coin for any illegal purpose.

tungsten coin.jpgtungsten coin.jpg

The gold coin above isn't made of tungsten, it is a real gold coin, and just for display.

Therefore, if you are interest in gold-plated tungsten coin, please feel free to contact admin@hanztech.cn or telephone 860917-3258886

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