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China wholesale custom hanz sales molybdenum crucible
- Jul 27, 2018 -


According to different processing methods, Hanz sales molybdenum crucibles can be mainly divided into sintered molding, press molding, spinning molding, turning forming and welding forming. It is mainly made from turning forming. Molybdenum crucible for vacuum coating refines from Mo-1 powder. Its appropriate working temperature should be within the range from 1100℃ to 1700℃.The melting point of hanz sales molybdenum crucible for vacuum coating is as high as 2610℃.

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1. Molybdenum crucibles for vacuum coating are widely used for the sapphire single crystal growth furnace, quartz glass, melting furnace and rare-earth smelting furnace industrial;

2. Molybdenum crucibles by turning forming are widely used for smelting of rare-earth, quartz glass, electronic spraying, crystal growth and other industries;

3. Generally, sintered huize sales molybdenum crucible is large while the forged one is small; the wall of rolled huize sales molybdenum crucible is thin; welded hanz sales molybdenum crucible is cost-effective but owns inferior intensity;

4. Molybdenum crucible under turning forming is denser than sintered one.


1. Molybdenum crucible for vacuum coating is of high-purity, high-density, high heat resistance above 2000℃;

2. Our products are made with precise size, smooth inner and outer wall;

3. Both its surface and inside are fairy smooth without any crack;

4. The strict crystal pulling quality control of hanz sales molybdenum crucible for vacuum coating helps the success rate of the seed crystal.

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