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95wnife #8 #9 tungsten super shot TSS shot
- Sep 08, 2018 -


1.Material:pure Tungsten & Tungsten Nickel Iron alloy.

2.Grade:90,93,95,97WNiFe alloy or Pure Tungsten.

3.Dimensions:2.0,2.25,3.0,3.5,4.5,6.0,10.0mm -100mm or customized as per request.

4.Density:11g/cc,15g/cc,18g/cc etc.

5.Shape:shot,balls,beads,spheres,pellets,granules etc.

6.Sample:Free of charge.

7.Welcome to visit our factory.


Tungsten alloy balls are widely used in Ball valve and Bearing,Military,Industry,aerospace etc.

We can offer various grades and sizes,And the stringent requirements of each procedure to ensure that the products produced comply with your request. 

The ball has the high endured causticity and high endure grind, which could improve the life of the bearing, while elevate the value of your products.

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